What you need to prepare for your treatment


• Wash or shower the area that is to be treated.
• Ensure that you scrub and exfoliate each day for one week before treatment.
• Shave the area to be treated really week 2 – 3 day before you come in or no later than one day before your appointment.
• Avoid sun tanning for 4 weeks before treatment.
• No artificial tanning at least 1 month before treatment.
• No waxing or electrolysis for 4-6 weeks before treatment.

• Do not expose area to the sun for one month. Total sun block of at least 30+ SPF should be used at all times.
• Vitamin E 30 000 IU should be used on the treated area for the first 3-5 days morning and night. Then use CoQ10 body moisturiser or Koly-Glyco for pigmentation-prone areas.
• A little redness and swelling is normal this should disappear overnight.
• If the area is very dry or any itching is experienced, make sure you maintain your application of 30 000 Vitamin E Crème applied like a mask or you may take anti-histamine tablets for 1-3 days. This occurrence is rate.
• Avoid showering with hot water. Wash the area carefully with Glucana Cleansing Bar or your regular cleanser. Do not rub the treated area.

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