A photofacial with IPL is a treatment that rejuvenates the skin

If you feel bothered by the look of your skin due to dark spots or sun damage, receive a skin consultation at Relax & Refresh Beauty Salon, to determine if you could benefit from IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy. A photofacial with IPL is a treatment that rejuvenates the skin for women and men who experience problems with hyperpigmentation on their neck and face. Although a photofacial is a noninvasive process, this treatment can be incredibly effective and lead to stunning outcomes.

We use intense pulses of light energy that warm the skin cells, which then sets off the natural healing process and increases your body’s natural production of collagen.

As the added nutrients take effect, you will begin to notice a healthier complexion and glow, as well as improved skin tone and fewer pigmentation spots. 

IPL can resurface your skin

SHR is the latest technology in permanent hair reduction. Completely pain free, super fast and extremely effective, it is the most advanced system on the market It can safely be used on the body or the face for any skin type.

Usually a treatment course of 6-8 treatments are required for optimal results – but once done you can look forward to a lifetime of smooth, hairless skin with only the occasional maintenance treatment. Compare that to the constant hassle and cost of waxing!

Please note that all clients are required to undergo a patch test before commencing any IPL treatments. 

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